Laser Hair Removal

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The energy of the laser is used to target the dark pigment in the hair follicles, the heat then destroys the hair follicle. This treatment tends to work best on dark hair against light skin. It is recommend to get treatments in the fall, winter, or spring when your skin is lightest. 

What to Expect

Hair grows in phases, meaning it will take several treatment sessions spaced about four weeks apart to get the maximum results. The area treated may look and feel like it’s sunburned for about a day or 2 after each treatment. Cool compresses and moisturizers can help ease any discomfort.

For Best Results

The average client responds well to a 6 treatment protocol. A 6 treatment package is available for all areas at a discounted price if paid in full at the time of the visit.  If additional treatments are needed, we offer touch-up pricing. Pease call to set up a consultation and to go over area pricing. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Instructions

Laser Hair Removal Instructions (docx)